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Fact sheet Energy Efficiency Information Grants

Smarter energy use for a clean energy future

The Australian Government is committed to promoting energy efficiency.

Smarter energy use will help Australia move towards a clean energy future. That is why the Australian Government has designed a package of programs in consultation with stakeholders to ensure they best address the barriers to investment in energy efficiency.

The Australian Government's $40 million Energy Efficiency Information Grants will provide funding to industry associations and non-profit organisations that work with small and medium businesses and community organisations to provide information on the smartest ways to use energy. This is because businesses and community organisations are often time-poor and hard-to-reach audiences, and yet they can be particularly vulnerable to the impact of rising costs.

28 applications, seeking a total of $20 million, were successful under Round One of the program.

Outcomes of the program

The Energy Efficiency Information Grants will help industry associations and non profit organisations to provide practical, tailored energy efficiency information to small and medium businesses and community organisations.

As well, the program will:

  • empower small and medium businesses and community organisations to make informed decisions about energy efficiency
  • assist Australian small and medium businesses improve their competiveness
  • help community organisations focus on funding their core activities rather than energy costs.

Projects could include developing:

  • tools and training to enable organisations to understand their energy use
  • targeted information products on how organisations can save energy
  • ongoing support services to improve organisational energy management.

As well, the program will:

  • encourage co-benefits, such as how to reduce emissions and respond to the price on carbon
  • minimise energy consumption and costs for small and medium business and community organisations
  • build the knowledge and capacity of small and medium businesses and community organisations
  • contribute to the national effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Industry associations and non-profit organisations that have a relationship with small and medium businesses or community organisations are examples of organisations that could apply for Energy Efficiency Information Grants funding.

Partnerships with other organisations are encouraged. This could include, for example, local councils, state and territory agencies, financial institutions, research institutions, training providers, trade unions, energy retailers and energy service companies.

State and territory government agencies are eligible to apply in particular circumstances.


The Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program is a competitive merit-based grant program with defined funding limits. Only the strongest proposals that most successfully meet the assessment criteria will be funded. Applicants will be assessed against the three merit criteria: value for money, project effectiveness and project design and management.

Funding for Round Two will commence from 2013 and all projects will need to be completed by June 2015.

Applicants may apply for funding from a minimum of $100,000 upwards. Larger applications (e.g. those over $1 million) would need to demonstrate exceptional value for money.

The program will aim to benefit a range of business and community sectors and reach into remote and regional settings.

Key dates

  • 30 October 2012 - Call for Round Two applications
  • 20 December 2012 - Close of Round Two applications
  • May 2013 - Successful grants announced.

Program guidelines

See Round Two guidelines for a copy of the Energy Efficiency Information Round Two Grants guidelines.

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